Forthcoming Congresses

Information on plans for conferences and meetings of the Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists.

SASAqS 2015

28 June to 2 July: Water Resource Research, Policy and People.
Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensburg, KwaZulu-Natal.
The conference will also host the Yellowfish Working Group conference.

Proposed themes include:

  • Climate variability and ecosystem resilience.
  • Ecological Infrastructure.
  • Managing the impact of alien invasive species.
  • Conservation of freshwater and estuarine species.
  • New technologies, remote sensing electronic monitoring technologies.
  • Surface water and groundwater interactions.
  • Citizen science and adopt a river.
  • Estuary management.
  • Water Resource Classification and Resource Quality Objectives.
  • Ecological risk assessments.
  • Ecological Flow Requirement technologies.
  • National Ecosystem Monitoring Programme.
  • Reservoir monitoring and management.
Please submit additional proposals by 20 February 2015.